Hi, need to submit a 1500 words essay on the topic Public Relations and Tourism in Lebanon.
The intention of this study is an international tourism is one of the most important sectors in the world today as expenditure on tourist goods and services represent some 8% of total world export receipts and 5% of world GDP while the Arab world attracts only 3% of international tourist arrivals and receipts. Most countries that specialize in the tourism sector have made good economic progress. The progress is largely dependent on how the destination has been marketed. Public relations play a vital role in constructing images of a location and the activities that the location offers. This has become important as tourism today has been categorized as adventure tourism, conference tourism, eco tourism, health tourism, spa tourism, event tourism, religious tourism or cultural tourism. Lebanon as a destination has much to offer to tourists. It has a diverse patchwork of Mediterranean-lapped coast, rugged alpine peaks, and green fertile valleys over an area of 225 km. long and 46km wide. The Lebanese coast has the Mediterranean Sea to the west and the Mount Lebanon Range to the east. Apart from these it offers multi-sport adventure and archaeological wonders but tourism has been adversely affected in the last decade for various reasons. Much of these has been attributed to the image that been created by the media. Hazbun contends that of late Lebanon has been proactive in promoting tourism. The author suggests that Beirut’s urban redevelopment efforts will not be able to attract the western tourists as Lebanon carries an external negative image, is gripped by fears of regional instability and attracts high prices.