Hi, need to submit a 1500 words essay on the topic Swot analysis for passaic court house.
It examines, in detail these aspects of my organization, and identifies how the organization can use this strength in advancing its objectives. Under the internal analysis, this paper also identifies the weaknesses of the Passaic Court House. It gives in detail, how the organization can use this information to reduce the threats that might emanate from its own weaknesses. This paper also gives an in-depth discussion on how the employees at the Passaic court house can use the resources at their disposal to achieve the goals and objectives of the business organization. The departments under review are the office of the prosecutor, the human resource department, Finance and Accounting, and the management office. This paper also analyzes the external environment of the Passaic Court House. The analysis includes the opportunities and the threats the organization faces. In analyzing the external environment in which the Passaic Court House operates, this paper takes into consideration the the demographic, and the economic environment. This paper analyzes how these factors create opportunities and threats to the affairs of the Passaic Court House. This paper provides recommendations that could help the organization to take advantage of the opportunities it has, and reduce the threats it faces. It outlines how these actions will work, and the process of implementing them at the Passaic Court House. The Passaic court house has the ability to attract highly skilled and competent staff. This is a major strength of the business organization, and it is made possible because of the human resource policies of the organization.