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Hi, need to submit a 1750 words essay on the topic Employee Reward.
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People or the organization’s human resources are a very integral part of the organization. They operate and run the machinery and carry out the roles that the machines can not do. The people are even more important when it comes to the built environment since the nature of the work is manual and the people directly offer services to the clients. People are a core resource in every organization.It is always important to fully understand these people and more so get to know how well they are able to interact with the organizational structures in totality. This is a very important aspect and highly contributes to the success of the organization. Watson, Tony J. (1994).This process of understanding the people in the organization is able to explain best the relationship that exists between the organization and its people in a building environment.Understanding the people is important as it is able to unearth the social and managerial functions that may affect the behaviour and the attitudes of the people working in the organization. This in turn may affect the performance as well as the effectiveness of the organization, Willcocks, Leslie and Jenny Harrow (1992). Understanding the people helps in exploring the on the most effective ways of improving the organizational effectiveness and performance.The principles of management are of importance to my profession because they lay the guidelines to successful management. This is very applicable to both the managerial and technical professions….

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