Hi, need to submit a 2000 words essay on the topic Forensic Pathology.
and 6 million child abuse allegations in the United States (“National Child Abuse,” n.d.) These data prove that children are the common victims of abuse and maltreatment, which also lead to their early death.
Considering that child abuse is one of the most rampant crimes today, medical and legal practitioners try to find scientific and legal procedures to solve child abuse cases. Pediatric forensic pathology, as a medico-legal investigation procedure, proves sufficient enough to solve child death due to abuses. Accordingly, this paper aims to study the historical development of pediatric forensic pathology and analyze the significant events and people that contribute to its development. This paper will also discuss the theories and methods in pediatric forensic pathology. additionally, with case report evidences, this paper will show and analyze the successes and failures of the application of forensic pathology methods.

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