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Hi, need to submit a 2000 words essay on the topic The relationship between work and life has become a key feature of much current government, practitioner and academic debate.
However, issues revolving around the work – life phenomenon have recently achieved a wider social implication since the unconstructive consequences that culminate on account of the augmented incapacity on the part of the employees, which restrict their quest of striking a perfect balance between work and life, are becoming more and more palpable within the highly industrialized Western societies. In order to achieve a work life balance it is mandatory for organizations and individuals concerned to affirm that strategies and policies concerning organizational working needs of the employees be more comprehensive and must include the need to assimilate diverse perspectives such as principles, approaches and values held within and by organizations, individuals and societies and of the manner in which their interaction envisages the capability to accomplish a personal work – life balance. The pursuit for an idyllic means of combining the habitually contradictory spheres of work and private life has engaged scholars and practitioners for decades. However, the debate has deepened and gained momentum over the years to become a “hot topic” under the banner of work – life balance.

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