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Hi, need to submit a 250 words essay on the topic Business Formation and Entrepreneurship.
Online marketing involves buying and selling of all types of products from food to spare parts to machineries and cars with only a few clicks of the mouse and online money transfer. Many people have either started companies online or shifted their physical company to operate online as well. Most people are spending much of their time on the internet and especially the social media and what this has done is expand this type of business immensely (Sheehan, 2010).
The easy thing about online marketing is the convenience as well as saving of travelling and accommodation costs. An individual for example seeking to shop for the latest clothes fashion just logs into various fashion online shops and boutiques compares the prices and the quality as well as the shipping costs and time and makes the purchase. The seller is paid through a credit or debit card and the shipment is made. It is as easier as that and one can carry out transactions no matter the location whether in the office, in the car during traffic jam or even in the confines of one’s home (Leake, Vaccarello and Ginty,

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