Hi, need to submit a 250 words essay on the topic Painting of Jackson Pollock.
A new, interactive and creative activity catches my attention for nearly a half an hour. Finally I give up and sink deep into the exciting world of colors, dots, lines and circles. Think and thin, short and long, bright and dull… These colorful shapes are seducing the mind by the opportunity of becoming expressive, independent and original for at lest a few fun moments.Thought the first impression is that the activity of painting on the computer is just another entertaining experience, a second look makes me realize how cool our age is – the age of advanced technologies that allow any average individual to become, for at least some minutes, an artist. It’s so strange – a seemingly simple computer application makes the tired brain think of such great things as world progress, global development and even the essence of being. Dots – large and small, lines – straight and wavy, shapes… And an inexpressible joy of creation.