Hi, need to submit a 250 words essay on the topic Primary source analysis : Witchcraft Trial of Elizabeth Clawson, Stamford, Connecticut (1692).
The case of Elizabeth is an indication of the impact of grudge and development of wrong understanding of personalities and envy. From the trials, it is evident that personal vendetta was a major contributor to the suits and the argument offered in the article. The article evaluates the case of Elizabeth Clawson and other women accused of being witches by virtue of envy and disease such as epilepsy. The focus of the author is on the different issues that contributed to the allegations presented in the court to show that Elizabeth was a witch. Despite focusing of the evidences, further argument is presented to illustrate the nature of the conflict and explain the ploy used to solve the problem. The ploy was successful in some instances but failed in the case of Elizabeth Clawson.

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