Hi, need to submit a 250 words essay on the topic Pros and Cons of Managed Care in America.
ing the issue of managed care is the risk of compromising ethical standards applied in medicine and, thus, affecting the quality of healthcare being delivered (Jecker & Braddock, 2008). The paper highlights some of the advantages and drawbacks that arise.
The positive outcomes of managed care include low medical costs. the aim of the program is to reduce medical costs and maintaining quality care. Managed care also results to increased accessibility of quality healthcare (Carlson, 2009). In managed care, all health workers are accredited before being contracted. The serenity that comes from knowing that a professional is attending to you is crucial in the psychological healing (McKenzie, Pinger & Ketckie, 2012). However, there are some major drawbacks that threaten the success of managed care. Patients experience restriction of services in that they are not free to choose their preferred physicians, especially if they are not under the given network (Kongstvedt, 2007). In cases where the clients are not satisfied with the care provided by the contracted health workers, seeking alternatives outside the network will require them to fund for the services. This restricts the patients as some of them cannot afford the extra cost. There is also an ethical concern where the doctor may refrain or fail to conduct expensive diagnostic tests so as to increase their