Hi, need to submit a 250 words essay on the topic Self evaluation.
Therefore, before I began writing my personal narrative, I had decided on what I wanted to write. I stuck to my original topic and wrote the narrative to the end while. I knew altering the topic midway the essay would complicate the narrative. Changing the essay midway would make the narrative lose its intended meaning of informing the readers the importance of having caring friends. Additionally, altering the topic would make readers find difficulties understanding how Hallie impacted in my life.
As I created my essay, I encountered some few problems here and there. The most noted problem was coming up with a topic. As I have already explicated, I have lots of things to write about. thus, choosing one became problematic. However, after thinking widely, I decided to write about my experience in Italy with Hallie. Another problem was the lack of enough time to write my essay. Writing an essay is a lengthy process which requires time, failure of which may make one produce papers that are weak and lacks strong argument. In as much as the time was limited, I still managed to organize my thoughts to produce an exciting piece of work.