Hi, need to submit a 2500 words essay on the topic Compare the United States and another country of their choice on the basis of cultural differences and Geert Hofstedes Five Cultural Dimensions.
Such environments also create a problem between the employees and even the managers who come from the different cultural backgrounds and are well versed in different managerial approaches (Walker, Walker, & Schmitz, 2003). Hofstede’s cultural dimensions provide an avenue through which the cultural dimensions of different countries can be analyzed to allow the business create the necessary adjustments towards succeeding in such markets. The United States and China are increasingly growing markets for both local and international business. However, the historical, political, social, and economic pasts of these countries have formed a framework for cultural developments, which shape the current business approaches and interactions. As such, this paper is going to employ Hofstede’s dimensions in analyzing the cultural differences between the US and China, and how the cultural constructs influence the business interactions in the two countries.

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