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As a result there is no uniform set of rules capable of general application.
As often happens, the applicable standards in one case may be obsolete in another case. Therefore, ascertaining the validity and enforceability of a declaration of trust can be an onerous task. Ivor’s attempt to create trusts is no exception as will be borne out in the preceding passages.
When Ivor Fortune conveyed his seaside property to his brother Max with specific instructions that he hold the same in trust for Ivor’s mistress Gloria, absolutely, the instructions constituted a declaration of trust. Whether or not it amounted to a valid and enforceable declaration of trust is another matter entirely. Certainly Ivor’s instructions to Max were sufficient to create a trust since a declaration of trust can be created by word of mouth ‘or even inferred from conduct.’1 In fact, failure to use specific words, do not render the creation of a trust invalid as ‘no particular form of words are necessary.’2

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