Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic An author can stress plot, setting, characterization, or theme when writing a work of fiction.
wever, rather than being an isolated event, alienation here is depicted as an inevitable process which begins with alienation from external forces and ultimately leads to alienation from within one’s own physical and emotional states.
Right at the beginning of the story, prior to his physical metamorphosis, Gregor already appears to be alienated in some way. This initial suggestion of alienation surrounds his external environment. his work, social life and to some extent, his family. He reflects over the monotony of his life in terms of his job, a monotony he endures due to the pressure of having to support his family financially. He appears to have no friends or social life to speak of, and his family seem to take his support for granted. Even the duty of caring for his family seems to be something strange to him, as he hardly realizes it when he loses this duty by the end.