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Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic Human Resource Management PT 3.
Job analysis drives job descriptions through the identification of clear requirements (or the ‘what’) in a job (Martires, 2004). It was qualified that job analysis has two phases: job description and job specification. where job description presents the detailed job content including title, code number, department, nature of the job, responsibilities, processes or tools used, working hours, immediate superior, compensation and benefits, risks or hazards, and other pertinent aspects related to job content.
During the hiring and acquisition process, the job analysis and job descriptions take the paramount role of defining the needed requirements asked by the position. As above noted, the job description that results as an outcome of job analysis would provide HR personnel who are involved in the hiring process with the needed information required by the organization, to ensure that the person to be selected would have the competencies and qualifications expected to match identified job content. As such, these provide the needed structural guidelines that assist recruitment personnel in streamlining applications who would match the tasks with their academic, work experiences, and skills set. To sum, the use of job analysis and job descriptions in the hiring process is to ensure that the person hired would do the right thing and do them well (Henson, 2011).

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