Writing Errands

Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic Read the Chapter and Answer a few questions regarding Culture.
America has shown great capacity for absorbing people from various cultural groups. Language is the important indicator of culture. About 300 languages are spoken in America. American students are the biggest participants in the virtual culture. Online classes and tutorials have become popular. Even in schools and colleges students are dependent much on computers. All values, moderately practiced within the legal limits, are good and hence I do not reject any values.
Using social media is like using the double-edged sword. With Facebooks and MySpace etc. you create a network, share information and also you share an important aspect of the personal information, like your e-mail account. An intelligent virtual criminal can use this information to reach up to your bank accounts and credit cards. Thus, the cyber-criminal activities are on the rise. The excessive use of human-computer interface has made it difficult to distinguish technology from cultural and social aspect of human beings.

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