Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic Real ID act.
The main advantage is security. The Department of Homeland Security gets the power to decide whether the drivers’ licenses and ID cards can be used for official purposes or not. If they are not complying with federal antiterrorist standards, the card holders will not have access to airplanes, public places, and the courthouse. This means that the security measures are on their way. Increasing incidents of terrorism these days have given rise to the need of such security so that citizens may be given full protection while they travel, work, or enjoy in the parks. Such a strict check would discourage terrorists and also illegal immigrants (Quinn, 2012). Proponents claim the new cards will not be another form of national ID cards because it is optional for a country to adopt them. They are only meant to benefit the country so that it can sort out illegal persons from its citizens. Hence, it is a matter of national security and privacy which makes the proponents of the Act state that it is much needed. We support this fact because a critical analysis makes us believe that American citizens have the right to be informed who lives around them claiming to be a citizen of the country, and that the drivers’ licenses contain correct information, and not some aliases, about the card holders.

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