Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic The Application of Marketing.
For example, advertising is a powerful means to reach out to customers, but it is expensive and needs to use the right media and the right message for effective results on the vast resources expended on it. Public relations is a more subtle approach useful in managing issues of public concern and top level messages, but suffers from the deficiencies of requiring professional support and difficulty in evaluating its impact. Sales promotion is an effective means of addressing a particular target market, whose impact on the objective of increased sales can be measured, and enhances sales channel commitment to the product. However, it suffers from the deficiencies of forecasting problems, with the effect being only as long as the sales promotion lasts and the possibility of brand devaluation, particularly if price is a part of the sales promotion strategy. Yet, when used in conjunction these tools of marketing can be an effective to achieving the marketing objectives for a product (Cheverton, 2006).