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To meet Pound and get introduced to Yeats Eliot emigrated to London. Here Bathwaite and Walcott overheard the conversation in which Eliot learnt about the relationship between poetry and speech, live by the technology called phonograph.
Brathwaite came to hear “Eliot’s actual voice – or rather his recorded voice property of the British Council (Barbados)”, it gave a “poetic breakthrough” which he memorized where Eliot read “The Love song of the J.Alfred Prufrock”, The Waste Land, and later the Four Quartets” (History of the Voice). Walcott lists that one of his most noteworthy memories of the adolescence (Leaving School) is “the Eliot’s recording of the Four Quartets”. For Brathwaite and Walcot listening to Eliot is equivalent to reading his texts by which their ability to understand the relationship of poetry to speech has developed.