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Streets of South Bronx, New York in the 1970s. This is a time in the American history when racism was still a force to reckon with. It was initially popular with the African-American youth with whom it was identified. Evidently, the term hip hop was coined by Keith Cowboy, a popular figure associated with Furious Five and Grandmaster Flash. After its invention, hip hop music became so popular especially due to the throwing of block parties which had become a prominent phenomenon at the time.
Later, it transformed from a mere music genre into a culture. This cultural movement was mainly popular with the black youth who were still relying on it for changing the societal political, linguistic and artistic thought. Today, it is not restricted to the African-Americans only. Instead, it has become an accommodative culture that cuts across the divide. In fact, it is used by people from diverse racial, ethnic and religious backgrounds to combat crime and advocate for harmony in their midst.