Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic Industry analysis of Manchester United.
Therefore, this industry has registered a growth in popularity, arising from the consumer demand for association with certain clubs, as well as the appetite for advertisers and media distribution entities to be associated with the most popular clubs (The Telegraph, n.p.). This has made the British football industry the biggest globally.
The British football industry was developed in 1863, emanating from the need to bring the union of public school football and the football played by universities in Britain (Sport England, n.p.). Ever since, the industry has grown to unprecedented levels, emerging as the most famous football industry in the world, with a fan base that is spread globally. The official British football league was formally established in 1888, but the current Premier League was established in 1992, after the twenty big clubs deserted the football league to join EPL (Delloitte, 2). This breakthrough has made the clubs more competitive and profitable, thus accelerating the British football Industry to the current giant industry it is today in the world.