“”” Selecting my current skills and future skills i wish to acquire, the list was extensive and very broad. I decided to select the option of Human Resources Managers as that is currently my focus. My current job, i had to take personality and intelligence tests during the interview process so as to make sure i was aligned with the desired position. This process seems to be similar.
The tool i can see as being very useful for staffing professionals. Especially those with larger companies that have to fill a broad area of positions. It is not uncommon for people to desire certain positions yet not be qualified for them based on skill set. In my experience at my current employer, i have seem multiple people come in for a position but after taking the tests were offered an alternative one based on the scores. The assessment in the assignment seems to accomplish the same task.
With such a large needed array of skill sets needed in todays workforce, any option that can help pin point where an employee could and would be best needed based on all factors of education, skills and personality can only assist in successful staffing. “”””