I have really ponder this question for a while. I do not think Americans in the business world have become ruder. One article define rudeness as “insensitive or disrespectful behavior enacted by a person that displays a lack of regards for others” (Woolum, A., et. al., 2017, p 1658). The people that are heading up the business world now are millennials. They do not see answering their phones while in one conversation as being rude, especially when it is business. When ask questions they answer the questions directly and move on to something else. They live in a fast past, need it now environment. They are in the digital media world and are accustomed to the virtual world of doing business. Years ago we did not use cell phones or tablets to conduct business but now it critical. It seems to be acceptable for someone to be in a meeting and texting or reading emails and responding. Is this rudeness or is it another way of handling business in this fast past environment. Now that the business world seem to gravitating towards the team concept. People have to work together to achieve an objective. This can create an environment of dependence. This can lead to a more respected environment.