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I need a business memo to one of the “Real World Cases” Description:Topics covered include: consumer marketing, market research, new product introduction, and quantitative analysis. TruEarth Healthy Foods, a maker of gourmet pastas, sauces, and meals, wants to build on its successful introduction of fresh whole grain pasta by introducing a similar product concept for pizza. In an increasingly competitive market, TruEarth is focused on beating its competition and wants to act quickly and decisively. The company conducts extensive market research, first using focus groups to test the concept and then following up with take-home trials. Acting as brand managers, students must complete a quantitative analysis of the available data to project the sales volume for pizza and then decide whether to bring the new product to market.Learning Objective:1. Understand the assumptions and techniques for estimating markets and projecting sales 2. Analyze and interpret data to decide whether to bring a new product to market 3. Recognize the importance of perceived value to consumers for a new product as compared with existing products 4. Understand the limitations of making decisions based on research and available dataThis business memo should be written according to my Case Study FormatCase Study FormatProblem statement: Describe the major problem(s) that you identified in the case. Provide the rationale for why you believe that these are the most important or significant problem(s).State the problems that you have identified in a bullet-point list.As you state each problem, describe the cause below it.Recommendations: Provide actionable recommendations for all the major problems that you identified. Describe the outcomes you expect if these recommendations are followed.State your recommendations in a bulleted list.Rationale/Analysis: Provide a rationale for each of the recommendations you provided in the above section. (Organize this section according to that list of recommendations.) Explain and justify your recommendations based on an analysis of the information provided in the case.Conclusion (1 paragraph): Provide a final statement that summarizes your analysis.

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