I need help in information system given case study from which I have to make context diagrams,level 0 diagram,decision tables and like that .
1. Context Diagram Prepare the context diagram for the WaterEzy Water Usage Recording System (WURS) with following external entities: (i) Landowner, (ii) District Management, (iii) Water Bailiff and (vi) Billing Section. [10 marks] 2. Level 0 Data Flow Diagram (DFD) Draw the Level 0 DFD and flow charts for each process in the Level 0 DFD. [40 marks] 3. Report Data Elements Decompose a Water Usage Report to its data elements. [12 marks] 4. System Dictionary Provide a System Dictionary entry (see blank table below as an example) for the Entitlement Amount and Outlet Closing Time data elements. [8 marks] Table Name Data Element Name Alternate Name Type & Length Output Format Default Value Prompt/Column Heading Source Security Responsible End User Acceptable Values Other Validation Derivation Formula Description/Comments Task B Process Description Currently, many landowners express their concerns that the entitlement amount for their land is not sufficient. WaterEzy provides irrigation allowance to some landowners, but they have to follow a procedure to make decisions. To be considered for this allowance, landowners must submit an application form to WaterEzy. Without the form, the request for extra water will not be considered. In addition, WaterEzy will investigate the land. If the land is used to grow products that are in the government priority list, then WaterEzy will check if the additional allowance is larger than 20% of the current entitlement. If it exceeds 20%, the landowner must pay extra $500, but if it does not exceed 20%, the additional water will not incur penalty. If the land is not used to grow products in the government priority list, WaterEzy will still check the amount requested. If the additional allowance asked exceeds 20% of the current 6 entitlement, the request will be rejected. If the additional allowance is less than 20% of the current entitlement, the landowner must pay extra $1,500. Before implementing this process, you need to represent it using process description tools. Your task is: 5. Decision Table and Decision Tree Create a decision table and its associated decision tree that describes how WaterEzy determines outcome of application for extra water by landowners. Make sure you use the simplest form of the table and tree.