I need help writing my final paper for American Public University Chfd 350 the paper requirements are as followed: CHFD 350 Research Paper GuidelinesThe following criteria should be met to comply with the research paper assignment:Papers should be 5-7 pages in length not including a cover page, reference page or appendices (not required)Papers should be word processed using a 12 point font, double spaced using page numbersPapers should include a cover page with student name, course name and number and title of paperPapers should use correct APA Format for citations and referencesPapers should include a minimum of 5-7 references from scholarly journals, textbook for this course or US Government publications. Resources should be current; no older than 10 years.Papers should be written in your own words. You may have a maximum of 2 direct quotes no longer than 2 sentences each. You may paraphrase in your paper. Appropriate APA format is required.Below are the expectations for the course content. Much of the background information required for this research paper can be found in Part II of the course textbook.The topic of the paper should be selected from the 10 Family Life Education Content Areas.The content of your paper should demonstrate a comprehensive program design. You will need to provide a description of program format such as target audience, length of entire program, frequency and location of meeting(s), session lengths and topics and other administrative components as desired (i.e. refreshments).The content of your paper should also demonstrate an overview of the program content including a justification of why the topic was selected. It is recommended you break down the larger topic selected from the 10 Family Life Education Content Areas into an appropriate number of smaller subtopics/sessions identified by you as the author. For example if you select Conflict Management within the Category of Internal Dynamics of a Family, what are some subtopic areas that would fall under Conflict Management?The content of your paper should also include how you will deliver this information in the training program. Your paper should include at least 3 different teaching formats. It is not sufficient to indicate you will show a video/film or bring in a guest speaker.The content of your paper should also include how you will address needs of the individuals served. In addition the paper should include content on how you will evaluate the program.This paper should read as a proposal to a company or funding source. The reader should get both a general sense of the FLE program and an idea of the specific implementation of the program.