I need the answers/files for tutorial 3 case problem two in New Perspectives XML Programming edition 2 by Patrick Carey. The editors used need to be basic notepad. 1. Using text editor open the followingfiles from the tutorial.03x/case folder arttxt.dtd, imgtxt.dtd, newstxt.dtd, and wnstxt.xml. Enter your name (Danielle Schwabauer) and the date in the comment section of each file and save them as articles.dtd, headlines.xml, images.dtd, news.dtd, and wns.xml respectively.2. Go to the articles.dtd file in your text editor and add the following declarations to the document:-a notion named HTM with the system location “text/html”-an unparsed entity named news801 pointing to the file “article801.html”using the notation HTM-four more unparsed entities named news802 through news805 pointing to the files “article802.html” through “article805.html” and using the HTM notation 3. Close the file saving your changes4. Go to the images.dtd file in your text editor and add the following declarations:-a notation named JPG with the system location “image/jpg”-a unparsed entity named img2071 pointing to the file “img2071.jpg” using the notation JPG-four more unparsed entities named img2072 through img2075 pointing to the files “img2072jpg” through “img2075.jpg” and using the JPG notation5. Close the file, saving your changes6. Go the news.dtd file and create the following element declarations:-a element named story containing the following sequence of child elements: headline, synopsis, article and image (which can appear any number of times)-a element named headline containing parsed character data-empty elements named article and image7. add the following attribute declarations:-the story element contains a required category attribute limited to the values national, international, sports, entertainment, leisure and weather-the story element also contains an optional attribute named byline containing character data-the article element contains an entity attribute named ref.-the image element contains an entity attribute named src.8. close the news.dtd file, saving your changes.9. go the wns.xml file in your text editor. Directly below the comment section, insert an internal DTD with news_feed as the root element.10. Declare the news_feed element containing one or more child elements named story.11. Insert parameter entities named articles, images, and news pointing to the articles dtd, images.dtd, and news.dtd files.12. Below the parameter entity declarations, insert references to the articles, images, and news entities.13. Insert an external parsed entity named headlines that points to the headlines.xml file.14. Within the news_feed element, insert a reference to the headlines entity.15. Close the file, saving your changes16. Validate the wns.xml file using XML Spy or another validating parser. Correct any errors you discover, including errors in the headlines.xml file.17. If you have the Internet Explorer browser, use it to view the contents of the wns.xml file. Verify that the contents of the headlines.xml file are displayed by the browser.18. Submit your completed and validated project to your instructor

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