Can someone also help me with this please? I need help
i Safari File Edit View History Bookmarks Window Help SJ )3 ”a? 75% :Ir Wed 3:41 PM Q 55.0. < >I EII I iknewtoncom CIIQI ‘o‘Ifl‘lHflI ‘ zéc KNEWTON Hi, a v5Quiz #2 SAVE PROGRESSQuestion 9 Report an Issue How is a covalent bond defined by valence bond theory? Answe I’S I O The electrostatic interaction linking electrons (found in orbitals) and nuclei of adjacent atoms. I O The sea of delocalized electrons attracted to positively charged nuclei. I O The transfer of electrons from one atom to another. IO The change of a gas into a liquid. I atomic orbitai overiap by Knewton is iicensed under Standard Knewton License: lmQDiéiiflQowngGm®WQ