I will pay for the following essay 300 Years after Lear:Two Daughters,a Fathers Legacy,in Proof. The essay is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.
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Shakespeare’s King Lear, nearing the end of his life, asked his three daughters each to demonstrate that they loved him more than the other two. While his two treacherous daughters eagerly compete, Cordelia, his faithful daughter, refuses to take part in the charade and, ironically, is banished as a result. Proof looks more at the interaction of two daughters who must decide how to handle their father’s affairs. this movie takes place after the death of Catherine and Claire’s father, Robert, who had been a groundbreaking mathematician at the University of Chicago until mental illness debilitated him. Each of these daughters is flawed, which makes their interaction more intriguing, and makes deciding who is the more stable sister problematic. Claire went away to New York City and made a financial success for herself. Indeed, it is her success that pays the bills and affords Catherine the opportunity to live at her father’s house with no other occupation than taking care of him. Catherine shares her father’s brilliance at mathematics and made an early attempt at success outside his shadow, by enrolling at Northwestern to pursue her own studies. However, once his illness made him unable to take care of himself, she immediately moved home to care for him. Because neither sister could be said to have been ideal in the situation, it becomes necessary for them to engage one another to make the best decisions for their father’s affairs, and to move on as adults after their father’s passing.

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