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I will pay for the following essay Business External Environmental Assessment. The essay is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.
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According to the report findings the political environment is constituted by elected leaders and the policies they introduce. These policies could be aimed at regulating business through a range of business and corporate policies, amending the taxation system, protecting the environment, and customer protection. These factors are mainly controlled by the political class through legislations. Economic environment makes the most sense of all the factors. Comcast Corporation must always scan the economic environment to check how stable the economy is at any given time. Another aspect of the economic environment that must be investigated is whether disposable incomes of existing and potential customers is rising or declining. The extent of globalization and competition in the telecommunication and mass media industries too must be checked. The level of competition may be checked by determining if the market share is growing or shrinking.From this paper it is clear that&nbsp.socio-cultural aspects of the environment in which Comcast operates entails issues like the population growth trend and the accompanying growth in the number of customers. Generational social attitudes and the society’s levels of education, health and social mobility also influence Comcast’s business decisions and industry standing.&nbsp.These socio-cultural issues must be looked into after every predetermined lengths of time.

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