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On the other hand, increased competition is likely to persuade firms to explore various channel alternatives available to them in an attempt to extend their coverage. For Able Corporation, identification of new opportunities may or may not mean their giving up their traditional lines of distribution. Much depends on whether the new system is seen as being innovative. If the firm sees potential benefits accruing from adopting a distribution system which does not fit with those currently used by competing firms in the market, it is likely that they will test these in conjunction with the tried and tested methods currently under use. Mergers and acquisition policy is undoubtedly the most radical growth strategy open to management in that it represents a deliberate attempt to change the nature of the business. Acquisition policy can be further classified into backward, forward and horizontal integration. Acquisition policy occurs when the new business is related in some way to the old one. Firms have sought to gain greater control over the source of raw materials or the supply of components by some form of backward integration. The main strategy for Able Corporation is to improve its market position and increase market share based on the strategy developed by the President. The new strategy is a logical development of the solutions and corporate vision adopted by the President. Today, Able Corporation needs a strong partner to compete on the market and Walden International will help it to increase market share and remain competitive (Bridges 2003).

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