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Except that, there are also “easy” movies that are intended to entertain and relax. However, there are rather serious genres that motivate people to think and read between the lines, implying deep inner sense. Among such genres, there are documentaries, films, which are often rather deprived of aesthetic embellishments and fancy fiction. These movies hold their own particular niche in cinematography, being rather different from fictional feature films because they do not try to colour the truth or distort reality. “Documentary filmmakers seek to capture on film a representation of the world “as it is” (or least a representation which is as undiluted as possible), (Tarantino, 2010, p.3). In a documentary movie, the author seeks to depict a real-life event or story objectively rather than through the prism of personal bias or perspective. According to academics, “documentary is a form of argument about the historical world” (in contrast to fictional imaginary and metaphorical worlds) (Warmington et al, 2011, p.462). Moreover, as far as many films focus on relevant social, political, religious or cultural issues, the filmmaker may use them to communicate his message to the audience. Although unbiased and rather succinct in their nature – and only sometimes with a pinch of sentimentality – documentary can make people consider serious problems and think over their resolution. The peculiar features of such films are that they are unobtrusive, often feature only real-life characters (not actors) and show real footage of the depicted events. According to Ward (2008), the documentary is the type of nonfiction motion picture, which provides a specific opinion on a certain issue along with presenting facts. Thereby, the documentaries are peculiar in their nature due to a combination of objective facts’ presentation and clearly identified point of view regarding these facts.