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Nevertheless, before the hurricanes hit, the trends were rather positive and some economists argue that the economy will smooth into the recovery phase with growth of demand and overall production.
The GDP growth is attributable mainly to the structural productivity growth though the employment rates were revealing job losses over the country. The main target of the national banks in different countries is to precisely monitor the affect of inflationary pressure and low interest rates on the employment and GDP development. Another point of concern in the longer term is the growing rate of federal expenditure on health and retirement programs and in case of larger debt service to GDP the economy will be hit tremendously. To summarize, the outlooks are positive in the short term for production companies not heavily dependant on oil and gas prices, and is more favorable in the long term with certain risks being in place nevertheless. Company managers should strive their best to implement energy saving strategies in order to cut down the value of this cost variable within their overall cost structure and should rush to invest as much as possible into new products which could be delivered to the market very soon.