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In order to comprehend the various issues concerning the debate, it is important to analyze the evolution of the social movement for same-sex marriage in the U.S. and the political and religious controversies surrounding it. Whereas there have been several supporters for the same-sex marriage who argue that the individual should be given freedom to practice same-sex marriage and parenting, the social, religious and secular scholars dealing with the topic challenge the growing pressure to approve same-sex marriage in the contemporary society. Some of the most popular proponents against same-sex marriage maintain that any attempt to affirm this practice will definitely alter the meaning of marriage and family forever. As Glenn T. Stanton argues, “Marriage is and always has been about brining men and women together in permanent, exclusive sexual relationships. No human society – not one – has ever embraced homosexual marriage. It is not a part of the tradition of any human culture… Homosexual unions, married or otherwise, have never been regarded as a normal, morally equal part of any society.” (Stanton, 4) Therefore, a reflective exploration of the question under discussion confirms that same sex marriage is an unacceptable practice which damages our society as it causes of social problems and problems with children and all the major religions of the world oppose same sex marriage. This paper undertakes a profound investigation of the religious and social controversies concerning same sex marriage in order to bring out the issues relating to society, family, and parenting in the background of religious opposition to the practice.