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The research paper “Hemorrhoids” discusses a condition that is caused by the presence of swollen veins in the anal canal. Although the swellings in the anal canal are normally painful hemorrhoids is not a serious health condition. Hemorrhoids are also referred to as “piles”. Hemorrhoids are classified into two: internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids. First, internal hemorrhoids occur when there is inflammation of the veins in the upper part of the anal canal. The swellings normally become larger as several years pass by. The swellings have been attributed to long durations of strain experienced when passing small, hard feces. The swellings can also be made worse by pregnancy. Physicians have asserted that internal hemorrhoids are interconnected with several spongy tissues rich in small blood vessels. The first symptom that can be noticed involves bright red bleeding. The bleeding can be experienced after passing out feces and does not cause much irritation and discomfort. Patients with less severe internal hemorrhoids have mild symptoms. In cases where the swellings become larger, and more bleeding occurs, they may come out of the anal canal and be seen as a lump. These types of hemorrhoids are painful and can last for several days. The severe pain from hemorrhoids is referred to as an “attack of piles”. Hemorrhoids are normally not painful but may become painful when they are strangulated, or pressed by a tight anal canal. An anal fissure refers to the split in the skin of the anal canal.

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