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I will pay for the following essay Leadership and Ethical: Book review. The essay is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.
For instance, chapter 5 Ethical Decision Making, chapter 3 Emerging Business Ethics Issues, chapter 8 Developing an Effective Ethics Program and chapter 11 Ethical Leadership are the most relevant when it comes to practical things related to being ethical. Every leader faces many uneasy choices and all these 4 chapters complexly impact their personal decision to act ethically and to empower other people to act in the same way. With the approach suggested in the 5th chapter and ethical values clarified in the 3rd, one gets a clear understanding of what is ethical and why it is important to follow ethical path in business. Chapter 8 explains the importance of ethical program and gives a couple of insights on what code of ethics should have to be successful. Finally, chapter 11 shows that ethics starts with ethical leadership. If leaders are not ethical, they have bad influence on their followers and they also have to act unethically. Overall, these chapters matter more than others because they point out one simple idea that ethics is presented by personal actions and people have to take responsibility for everything they do and say.

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