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Failure to do so will eventually turn out to be counterproductive and can lead to the degradation of the brand being marketed (Hendery 2). The dearth of relevant technologies is one other big problem being faced by the proponents of mobile phone marketing.
Considering the immense potential of the mobile phone marketing, this channel is gaining an enhanced acceptance amongst the marketing professionals. The corporations are well aware that a mobile phone is something that a person carries everywhere and therefore ample budgetary allocations are being made to launch and support interactive marketing campaigns (Long 1). Infact the potential of mobile phone marketing is much higher as compared to the internet marketing component, as the number of cell phone subscribers is very large as compared to the number of people who own or use computers (Long 1). As per a survey conducted by the Mobile Marketing Association based in Colorado, US, the total number of mobile phone subscribers around the world stands to be a mind boggling 1.4 billion, which is way ahead of the total number of land line phone subscribers throughout the world (Long 1). In the US alone, more then 65 percent of the population owns cell phones (Long 2). Also the text messaging is gaining much popularity amongst the mobile phone owners (Long 2).

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