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This study would involve a quantitative research design. The researcher will use all the data from Nba.com and espn.com. This type of data can be referred to as secondary data. In this context, secondary data refers to data that are not from the researcher’s personal sources (Peeffer 6). This means that the researcher cannot boast of being the original collector or owner of secondary data. As is often is the case, secondary data are not first-hand data but once the approach towards their collection is well conducted, the researcher can be assured of authentic data (Peeffer 6). To ensure that there is authenticity, the researcher first shall develop a data log. The data log will involve a statement of all themes or topics that the researcher would wish to collect. Next, the researcher will form a list of sources including internet sources in which the data would be obtained. The researcher will then collect the sources and samples from the specific materials that are useful towards the answering of the research questions proposed. The researcher will make use of the quantitative reviews of the materials selected from the sources. This means that, the researcher will not only gather information from the sources but also discuss the quotations by comparing ideas from different sources and drawing personal conclusions.