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On the other hand, Freuds family struggled with the anti-Semitic environment and his education remained restrained due to racial tension. Kimbles and Singer (2004) observed that having Jewish roots exposed Freud to cultural complexes that manifested in his work, taking criticism as anti-Semitic. However, little account of repressed anger and frustrated childhood in psychology manifests in his works. Freud contested Jungs religious interpretation of the human psyche mainly due to his view of religion as an illusion.
Perhaps childhood complexes formed strong influence in the view of personal authority in psychology as a later motivation for Freud in detesting Jungs theories. The authoritarian influence, typical of a first born and Jewish cultural complexes compelled Freud to reject Jungs opinion in his analytical psychology perspective. In this respect, the unceremonious end of their cooperation can be traced back from opinions developed from their background influences. In effect, historical backgrounds during development contributed to personalized perceptions in psychology by both Freud and