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Some of them are indeed positive while others are negative. The medley of thoughts includes the joy of working together and the fulfillment of a goal achieved and the conflicts, the time consuming discussions and the communication barriers. From the first appearance of man on earth, mankind was working in teams. Through out their lives humankind is in one or other teams. There are football teams, firefighting teams, singing teams, card clubs and political parties. Moreover, we are all born in a family, which is also an example of a team. A team may be called a group people who are dependent on one another to reach a common goal. Now a team should function efficiently to achieve the goal for it has a purpose for its existence. However, research in this field of human behavior is lamentable inadequate: Discouragingly, but not unexpectedly, the research effort seems weakest in those situations where the risks are highest and the tasks are most complex (Schein and Bennis 1965)

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