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Because of the name and the overall focus of the movement, it might at first be imagined that this artistic vision could only barely touch the architectural styles of the day. however, the Arts and Crafts movement had a profound effect upon the architecture of the latter 1800s. One of its primary aims was to “render all branches of art the sphere no longer of the tradesman but of the artist. It would restore building, decoration, glass painting, pottery, woodcarving and metal to their right place beside painting and sculpture.” Working within the rather loose boundaries of the Arts and Crafts, Voysey, Baillie Scott and their contemporaries began developing new means of approaching design that hadn’t been considered previously, generating three results that almost immediately impacted the architecture of the time. “First, and the most obvious, the Arts and Crafts emphasized the artistic potential of everyday objects. Second, vastly higher standards of craftsmanship were applied to these objects, and the ideal of craftsmanship was realized much more widely than had been possible before. … Third, new stress was given to the importance of function in the creation of forms.” Morris’ ideas in promoting this movement included an architectural independence from imposed style in favour of a naturally growing concept. This natural concept emerged from consideration of the surroundings and the needs of the average person. The idea was to keep the form simple and to incorporate and preserve .