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The name of the song was, “Puppy Love” which many people from the south are sure to be able to remember (Morning Edition 2002). When Dolly graduated from High-School she wanted to further her developing singing career so she packed up and moved to the big city of Nashville. She hit big with ‘Porter Wagon’ and for seven years on his show she built up her career rather fluidly. She finally decided to leave the program but before doing so she received two Country Music Association Awards for duo of the year (Pigeon-Forge 2006). From there her career has grown to vast proportions and is still growing in her other endeavors which includes two books that she has put together, and she even plans on having more published. However the two that have been out for quite some time are, “Dolly Parton: My Life”, and “Other Unfinished Business” (Pigeon Forge 2006). On top of her more famous works, she also is very affluent in the business world, having developed many attractions in her hometown. Also, every year there is a parade in Pigeon Forge which Dolly is a part of, this year will mark the 6th year of that parade. It is perceived that she enjoys it just as much as her fans enjoy coming out to stand in the crowd and wave as her float goes by. The parade itself draws 50,000 people that line the sides of the streets just to have a chance to see the famous country singer. There are numerous floats that are incorporated in with Dolly’s but she is the main part of the annual parade every year. There are quite often times every year where Dolly’s float stops in the streets while she sings one of her more famous songs that are hits with the crowd. This year she will be turning 60 years old and still going strong with her many personal projects, as well as her music, and business plans. Furthermore, Dolly has been a part of many fundraisers in her life thus far and has made many contributions to society as a whole. In fact, among these, she has developed one of the most famously known theme parks in the south known now as “Dollywood” which lies in the heart of Sevierville, Tennessee (Sevierville 2000). Dolly wanted to contribute something back to her home of the Great Smoky Mountains, but not only this she wanted to try and develop more employment opportunities for the people who live there. By opening her theme park in 1986 she has indeed provided extra employment and essential income for many of the families in the area as it has become the #1 State attraction in Tennessee, drawing over 2 million vacationers every year (The Songwriters Hall of Fame 2002-2006). Because of her presence and renowned history in the town of Sevierville, the city of Pigeon Forge has become one of the hottest points for well known country star singers, bringing thousands of visitors with every year that passes.

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