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In Lyusin, 2006: 55). It was interpreted as a complex construct consisting of three types of abilities. (1) the identification and expression of emotion as. (2) the regulation of emotions. and (3) the application of emotional information to thinking and action (Lyusin, 2006 pg. 55). Emotional intelligence is the skill of understanding the self and how he or she relates to people which is an important insight in motivating people.
The second skill required to motivate people is social skill. Social skill on the other hand is the competency to adapt with the changing situation and environment that makes one effective in dealing the contexts of people (Shanley, 1971). The ability to adjust to different kind of people is necessary to effectively motivate people because not all employees came from the same cultural mold. Understanding their cultural background and able to adjust accordingly would spell a difference between success and failure of an effective manager and leader in a culturally diverse