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The study finds that immediate concerns are technical in nature, including weakness in the IT infrastructure, lack of knowledge, inadequacy in security and privacy of information, and lack of training of personnel. In the longer term, socio-cultural factors and a governance system that allows for e-Democracy are salient factors. For now, SAP assistance and programs promise to contribute much towards the technical and structural foundation of a robust e-government system.
The impetus to develop e-government capability is a primary concern of all nations, particularly the member states of the United Nations, which has made it a priority initiative. Saudi Arabia is expected to play a pivotal role in e-government establishment in the Middle East region, not in small part due to the UN assessment that it is one of the more advanced Arab nations in information and communications technology (ICT). The business sector has long forged ahead in ICT applications, and further development of the nation necessitates the adoption of ICT in making the government more responsive and interactive with the citizenry and business sector. The challenges that tend to impede e-government development must be first addressed in order for efforts to be successful.