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This program will be a compulsory for all students in Mr Smith’s general science class which will be focused at improving their interpersonal skills. The proposed plan will revolve around one main aspect which will be to gauge the students’ interpersonal skills and also to get their views as to why they act dormant in the class so as to reason on what is the best step on improving the student-teacher relationship.
In order for the selected instructional coaching program to be implemented effectively, there is need to ensure that leaders play a significant role in selecting coaches that are well trained, developing a well-structured coaching strategy and also making sure that the student performance levels will be met(Glickman, Gordon & Ross Gordon, 2010). Together with Mr Smith, will generate a proper selection and guidelines for the entire instructional coaching program. This will enable the program to start with a well-focused goal on improving the area of concern which is the minimal level of the student teacher relationship. With regards to the self-assessment process of supervision, Mr Smith will start off the process by regularly reflecting and self-analysing his teaching performance as well as incorporating supervision strategies. The strategies to be used will involve an analysis of Mr Smith’s videotaped instruction, peer observation, analysis of the students learning, implementation of the professional goals and participation in various self-assessment activities.