In class and Rowley’s reading, we looked at the data, information, knowledge, wisdom hierarchy. In this assignment, you are going to apply the hierarchy to a practical example that you choose. There are many, many examples from which to choose. For example, the documentary, “The Joy of Data” discussed Census data and William Farr’s use of it to improve public health. Another example is how physical and online stores collect purchase data every day to help them understand their customers. Once you have selected your example, you want to explain how the data chosen moves up the hierarchy to become information and perhaps knowledge and wisdom. To do this, you should outline each step in the hierarchy and how your example progresses from one level to the next. What analysis and understanding must people and/or computers use to make the data useful information and knowledge? What problems can the processed and analyzed data solve for the people who want to use it? Feel free to research your example and make sure you provide references for all material that is not your own work (including ideas, quotations, facts, etc. that come from brains that are not your own)