In this discussion, you will provide at least two alternatives, techniques, or processes that you would use to align the goals and objectives of a new database with the given business rules. When selecting these keep in mind that when employed, they should elicit the assistance of the stakeholders (or small business owner). For instance, say one of the goals of an event-tracking database is to track the number of events by type (e.g., a wedding, a birthday, or an anniversary). However, the business rules may say that there is no need to track the type of event.
In a similar vein, your stakeholders may say, “You are the database expert, so do not talk with me, but go design the database.”
In your initial discussion post, discuss methods or strategies you would use to address this situation and keep the lines of communication open with the stakeholders. What tools would you utilize to convince the stakeholders that their input is needed and required?