In your post, construct clear and concise arguments using evidence-based psychological concepts and theories to create a brief scenario or example of a situation in which your chosen addiction provides both positive and negative potential outcomes for a subject.
My scenario involves a man who has become “addicted” to porn to the point that he watches it on his phone several times a day and on the computer when his significant other is away. He also frequently encourages her to perform porn-level sex acts on a semi-constant basis, leaving her feeling pressured, stressed, and lacking in bed creating a rift and sexual withdrawal on her part. This causes him to stray to other woman and becomes seen as an overall addiction to not only porn but also sex itself with anyone in or out of relationships. Looking at this, you may think there is nothing positive about it. However, if this man was to seek counseling after acknowledging his transgressions and regretting them, he may go on to enjoy a healthy sex-life with a monogamous partner OR discover that he is better suited to a swinger-lifestyle and find a mate who is also into this lifestyle.