what is the correct answer to this question? I think I did a couple of mistakes.
Inbox (228) – a Good News -(DE Brexit’s Long-1(@DE The Brexit Vot ) Brexit_The Ecc Chapter 2 In C Ch 2 In Class Ch 1 – BA-211 Ch 1 In Class FChapter 4 XWeek Four – C*Chapter 04 Hc C Service Pro Cchttps://newconnect.mheducation.com/flow/connect.html. . .Chapter 4SavedHelpSave & ExitSubmitCheck my work3AService Pro Corp. (SPC) is preparing adjustments for its September 30 year-end. For the following transactions and events, show theSeptember 30 adjusting entries SPC would make. (If no entry is required for a transaction/event, select "No Journal Entry Required"in the first account field.)10pointsa. Prepaid Insurance shows a balance of zero at September 30, but Insurance Expense shows a debit balance of $2,376, representingthe cost of a three-year fire insurance policy that was purchased on September 1 of the current year.b. On August 31 of this year,ear, Cash was debited and Service Revenue was credited for $1,530. The $1,530 related to fees for a three-Bookmonth period beginning September 1 of the current year.C.The company’s income tax rate is 24%. After making the above adjustments, SPC’s net income before tax is $10,000. No income taxhas been paid or recorded.PrintView transaction listView journal entry wory worksheetxReferNoTransactionGeneral JournalDebitreaPrepaid Insurance2,310Insurance Expense2,3102Service Revenue1,530Accounts Payable1,5303CIncomehe Tax Expense2,400Income Tax Payable2,400McGraw< Prev3 of 5Next >e?ENG8:51 PM1/26/2019