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Progistix Solutions Inc. Critical parts support network case study
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Individual Assignment: Progistics-Solutions Inc. – The Critical Parts NetworkDUE: Wednesday, March 22 @10:45 a.m. SUBMISSION FORMAT: Hardcopy AND Blackboard1. Give two reasons why you think the performance of the Toronto depot is better than the performance of the Scarborough depot?(2 marks each)Reason #1Reason #2 2. Improvementsa. Describe three initiatives that can be done at the Critical Parts Network to improve inventory turns without having a negativeimpact on customer service levels. (2 marks each)b. Describe what the benefit would be of each initiative. (1 mark each)c. Explain what role would Xerox have to play in each initiative. (1 mark each)Initiative Description1 2 3 Benefit Xerox’ Role 3. What are the costs and benefits of reducing the cut-off point for filling from the technician’s trunks? For calculation purposes, assumeinventory carrying costs are 25% the value of the inventory. (4 marks) 4. If you were in the position of Gary Parkinson, what are the top three recommendations would you make to Jim Eckler and why?(Recommendation: 1 mark – Justification: 1 mark)Recommendation1 2 3 Justification

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