Interview Assignment Guidelines
The purpose of this assignment is to gain an understanding of another culture. You are to interview someone born and raised in a country other than the United States (and one that you are not already familiar). International students may be your best resource; however your interviewee need not be a student. Your interview is open ended and there are no restrictions on time limit or questions asked (I would assume the interview would last at least an hour). Since the goal is to understand another culture however, be sure to include questions relating to such, i.e. language, customs, traditions, food, music, holidays, dress, societal rules, etc. Any topics that are covered in your textbook and class are appropriate. When you are finished your interview, turn your interview questions and answers into a 1000-1500 word paper about the culture of the native country of your interviewee (not the person’s own biography). The number of topics is not limited, but it should definitely include more than one. Below are some guidelines:
Questions:Which country do you come from?How many languages are spoken in your country?Do you have any official language in your country?What is your first language?What are the basic customs…

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